Pre- Investment Stage

Policy/ Regulatory Advisory including FDI Policy
Identify and Assessment of Location
Opportunity Assessment
Advise for Subsidy/ Incentives
Advise & Support in Strategy formulation

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job to make the customer experience a little bit better.

Investment Execution

Entry Route Advisory
Approvals/ Compliance Advisory
JV/ Strategic Partner search
Local Finance Advisory

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity

Post Execution Services

Issue Redressal support
Policy Impact Analysis
Advisory support for expansion
Resolution to procedural obstacles

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Services & Products

Detailed Engineering
Construction Support
Site Supervision/ Land Acquisition
Local Marketing Support /Network
Investor/JV with Local
Sourcing India/Bangladesh

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We work alongside Regulators, Producers, Manufactures, Retailers, Distributers, and other organizations to fulfill our purpose to nourish the world in a safe, responsibility and sustainable way, we create efficiency Innovations and Technology Development for the development of the society

Computer Software & Hardware

Our Organization have strong network for Information Technology both Hardware and Software.


We are also into the Support Business of expanding/ starting any kind of Automobile Accessories, Automobile Parts .

Power, Oil & Gas Sectors

There are lot of opportunities in the Asia in Power, Oil and Gas Sectors as the Demand is increasing many folds considering the rapid growth strategy of respective  countries.

Electronic Components

 We have readily available systems and resource for you, if you want to enter into Asian Electronic Components Treading market.

Machines Tools for Industry

We are supporting in the Promotion, Sales, Marketing, Branding & Distribution of all Machine Tools and Spare Parts.

Audit and Due Diligence

There must be various Investors and Entities looking for Investment and Business opportunities in Asia pacific like India, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan etc. However, they had not invested due to unavailability of assurance about internal strength and credit worthiness of the Organization

Staffing new venture

Starting a new Venture is a very challenging in terms of hiring the right persons for the right job. This task is more and more challenging if any entity wants to start a new venture in a different Country.

Medical Services

New Research and Development of Medical Facilities have grown rapidly all over the World. But, there are various Countries where the Medical Facilities are still far behind as compare to their needs.

Business Consultancy & Excellence

Business consulting refers to both the industry, and the practice of, helping organizations improve their performance and Business excellence is the systematic use of quality management principles and tools in business management stakeholder value, and process management.

Doing Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh With Core Vyan

Bangladesh is that part of the world which has grown at a very rapid speed particularly during last one decade. The government of Bangladesh has taken so many initiatives for ease of doing Business in Bangladesh. Garments and clothing business in Bangladesh has contributed the most in the economy of Bangladesh.

On one side, Garments is the most profitable business in Bangladesh but in other sectors, Bangladesh is mostly dependant on Import of different products from different countries. This gives an opportunity to the corporates from all over the world to Invest in Bangladesh.

Currently, the scope of investment in Bangladesh in all sectors whether Manufacturing, Service or online business, all are carrying huge scope.

Core Vyan is a medium of bringing the Investor at Bangladesh and to do handholding to provide all kind of support.


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Global Networks

Market Intelligence

Logistics & Transportation

Human Resouces

Business Development

Brand Building & Promotion

Information Technology Solution

Data Analytics


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