Pre- Investment Stage

Policy/ Regulatory Advisory including FDI Policy
Identify and Assessment of Location
Opportunity Assessment
Advise for Subsidy/ Incentives
Advise & Support in Strategy formulation

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Investment Execution

Entry Route Advisory
Approvals/ Compliance Advisory
JV/ Strategic Partner search
Local Finance Advisory

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Post Execution Services

Issue Redressal support
Policy Impact Analysis
Advisory support for expansion
Resolution to procedural obstacles

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Services & Products

Detailed Engineering
Construction Support
Site Supervision/ Land Acquisition
Local Marketing Support /Network
Investor/JV with Local
Sourcing India/Bangladesh

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We work alongside Regulators, Producers, Manufactures, Retailers, and other organizations to fulfill our purpose to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way, we create efficient Innovations and Technology Development for the development of the society as a Business Management Consulting Services


Strong Network in India/Bangladesh


Support Business of expanding In India/Bangladesh

Government Policy

We have strong base of knowledge in India/bangladesh


Readily Available Systems and Resource

Marketing and Sales

 Promotion, Sales, Marketing, Branding

Doing Most Profitable Business in India/Bangladesh With Corevyan

India/Bangladesh is that part of the world which has grown at a very rapid speed particularly during last one decade. The government of India/Bangladesh has taken so many initiatives for ease of doing Business in India/Bangladesh. Lots of new business in India/Bangladesh has contributed the most in the economy of India/Bangladesh.

On one side, Garments/Agriculture  is the most profitable business in India/Bangladesh but in other sectors, India/Bangladesh is mostly dependent on Import of different products from different countries. This gives an opportunity to the corporates from all over the world to Invest in India/Bangladesh. During last few years,  few of the companies are already started their operations in India/Bangladesh from India, Taiwan, China etc. More than that there are uncountable companies which are already started their ground work or already purchased the Land to start the operations.

Currently, the scope of investment in India/Bangladesh in all sectors whether Manufacturing, Service or online business, is very higher side. Investment in India/Bangladesh Business will also provide an early entry advantages as this way new entrant company will certainly get lead in the market.

Corevyan is a company registered in India/Bangladesh. It is guiding investors to start their operations in India/Bangladesh. For this, Corevyan is advising the Investors about how to and where to purchase Land for doing business in India/Bangladesh, what are the benefits available to particular type of Business in India/Bangladesh, what specific benefits are allowed by India/Bangladesh Government in starting Business in a particular area, handholding for manpower related issues, providing support in compliance issues.

Although, there is numerous opportunities in India/Bangladesh in almost all the segments but particularly doing business in India/Bangladesh in FMCG, Leather, Transport Industry etc are more profitable business in India/Bangladesh. India/Bangladesh economy is growing at a very rapid pace and one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Therefore, companies should start doing business in India/Bangladesh as an early entrant as this will give them more advantages. 

Business Consulting Services, Management Consulting Services by COREVYAN



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We are one of the best business consulting companies in India. COREVYAN provides management consulting services, assurance, and growth strategy & strive to become a global leading company that provides best value to our customer.

Global Networks

Market Intelligence

Logistics & Transportation

Human Resouces

Business Development

Brand Building & Promotion

Information Technology Solution

Data Analytics


Why Us

Corevyan  help with global sourcing of products and services, but most often from the develop economies of  India/ China, Taiwan , Bangladesh and similar countries.  Corevyan is providing consultancy and services in the area of BusinessManagement, International Trade

Trust on Us

Trust is based on experience: if a company/brand has delivered only positive experiences then the trust level grows if you are looking at expanding your operations to set up a business in India/Bangladesh, Corevyan provides a one-stop solution. We work with you right from the starting phase of your India/Bangladesh entry plan to being your implementation partner in greenfield business set-ups in India/Bangladesh

Over 15 years of experience

We have helped scores of brands improve their front lines across a variety of industries, from the automotive to the retail and hospitality sectors. Our Market Entry and Expansion practice enable American and European companies to gain revenue from India and Bangladesh 


Corevyan is a global management consulting firm with office in India and Bangladesh. Our Expert advise leading organizations in value creation strategies, innovation, transformation, supply chain management. helps organizations to take their businesses to the next level in terms of capabilities and growth, through its business. consulting, business analysis, business analytics, business plan, process improvement and standard operating procedure services